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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

Are you qualified?

Yes. I completed the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management with Cathy Bruen in Canine Creations. Throughout the course, I groomed over 50 dogs across 30 different breeds. This also included hand stripping.

I also hold a Diploma in Dog Training and Behaviour from the DSPCA, a Career as a Dog Trainer certificate from IMDT and I am a fully certified Canine First Responder (Canine First Aid). I am also currently enrolled on a Certificate course in Canine Nutrition with the Companion Animal Science Institute.

How much is it to groom my dog?

Each dog is different. Whether its a difference in size, coat or behaviour no dog is the same. Therefore each groom is different so final costs is given at consultation on the day of the groom.

How long will the groom take?

Again, each dog is different. The length of time it will take to groom your dog depends on the condition of the coat, the dogs behaviour throughout the groom and the service you are seeking. 

My dog has matted hair. Will you still be able to groom him/her?

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, it is an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal which includes prolonged de-matting. When a dogs coat becomes matted it can cause severe discomfort as the matts pull tightly on the dogs skin and underlying health conditions may not be visible.

When a matted coat is clipped short it can occasionally reveal sore, irritated and reddened skin which is due to the skin not being able to breath and a lack of air circulation. 

I will do my best to remove matting and save as much of the coat as possible. However, I will only attempt to de-mat 5% of the dog. I will assess the dog upon arrival and if it is determined that there is more than 5% matting, the dog will need to be clipped short. Additional time may be required also, which may result in additional costs which the I will discuss at the time of consultation. 

How do I prevent my dog getting matted?

This is a team effort! Daily brushing with a slicker brush and combs can help prevent matting. I am happy to discuss this and demonstrate the correct way to brush your dog. I can also provide you with an ongoing grooming programme which will allow us to achieve the desired look, which may require frequent visits to the salon.

How do I make an appointment?

The studio is very busy at the moment so we cannot always answer our phone. The best way to contact us is by text or WhatsApp on 0860145202 or by email to Please allow 24 hours for a reply.

When should my puppy get their first groom?

Socialisation is a vital part of your puppies early years. Likewise, getting your puppy use to a grooming environment is important to make sure they have a positive grooming experience. The grooming environment can be a scary, loud place so the more positive the experience the better. The Paw Society caters to pups from 5 months old that will offer them a positive first experience in a calm and welcoming grooming environment. Our 'Puppy Package' includes a bath, gentle blow dry, nail trim and a face trim.

You can also help to drive a positive experience for your little floof. Creating positive handling experiences at home will help your dog manage any grooming situation. I am happy to talk through this on consultation.

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